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BusinessPrince Harry is being accused of showing “total, utter disrespect for his...

Prince Harry is being accused of showing “total, utter disrespect for his father” by appearing to stop singing “God Save the King” at the end of his grandmother’s funeral.

Prince Harry is being accused of showing “total, utter disrespect for his father” by appearing to stop singing “God Save the King” at the end of his grandmother’s funeral.

Harry’s biographer, Angela Levin, was among many who retweeted a clip seemingly showing the Duke of Sussex, 38, tight-lipped as those around him sang the anthem in tribute to his estranged father.

The king did not sing the anthem, which is an ode to him — and seemingly nor did Harry, who was shown standing immediately behind him, staring forward with his mouth closed for the final 10 seconds of the tribute.

A clip of the last 10 seconds of the anthem showed Harry’s lips were not moving while the other royals around him clearly sang “God Save the King.”

Royals sing “God Save the King.”
Before the close-up shot, a wider angle showed other royals all singing the anthem in tribute to Harry’s dad, King Charles III.

Queen Consort Camilla was clearly singing to the end, as were Charles’ sister, Princess Anne, and her husband, Vice Admiral Timothy Laurence. The king’s disgraced brother Andrew was also moving his mouth in the shot, as were his daughters behind him.

An earlier shot also showed the other senior royals — including Harry’s once close brother, Prince William, and his family — all clearly singing.

It was not immediately clear if Harry’s wife, fellow royal critic Meghan Markle, 41, was singing a tribute to her father-in-law, with a candle blocking her mouth from the now-viral clip.

Both he and his wife, however, clearly mouthed the words when sung later at the queen’s committal service in Windsor.

Still, royal watchers blasted the exiled prince, accusing him of snubbing the new king despite his promise last week to “honor” him.

“Total, utter, disrespect for his father, the nation, the Crown and the monarch,” UK veteran Mike Murphy tweeted with a series of angry-face emojis.

“Strip him of all of his royal titles and funding. How much will NETFLIX want him then,” he asked of the Duke and Duchess’ million-dollar media deals since quitting the UK and royal life.

One veteran accused Harry of “total, utter disrespect for his father.”
Others also insisted it was a clear snub by Harry of his dad, who he has blamed for bringing “pain and suffering” to him — which ultimately lead to his decision to flee to California with his actress wife.

“He couldn’t be anymore disrespectful if he tried,” one royal watcher tweeted, while another noted how it must be “terribly awkward when the king is your dad and you’re sitting right behind him.”

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex had been in the UK for a rare trip when Queen Elizabeth II died. But the exiled royal reportedly only found out about his grandmother’s death just five minutes before the palace’s official announcement.

Harry was then forbidden from wearing his military uniform to his grandmother’s funeral, where he also notably sat far from his estranged brother, new heir William, 40.


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