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HealthFor Married Women: Avoid Doing These Seven (7) Things After Marriage For...

For Married Women: Avoid Doing These Seven (7) Things After Marriage For A Happy And Successful Marriage

For Married Women: Avoid Doing These Seven (7) Things After Marriage For A Happy And Successful Marriage

Being a newly married girl is not an easy task. You are supposed to behave in a certain way and look a certain way when you get married. It all becomes a little too confusing at times and because of that we end up doing some things, only to regret later. Let’s find out which are those things that can be avoided, and no married woman should do in order to make her marriage a happy and successful one.

Don’t share your previous love life. Never tell your husband about your affairs before marriage, however hard your husband coaxes you. Even if he tells his own secrets, keep your secrets a secrets. If you reveal them to your husband, his love would not be same again.

Don’t ask husband’s secrets. It is quite possible that your husband had some affairs before the marriage. It is better to forget about the love affairs happened before marriage and start your love life with a clean slate. If you come to know his secrets, you can’t love him as much even with your best effort. Sometime, ignorance is a bliss.

Don’t try to possess your husband. Your husband was a son of his parents and brother of his siblings before marriage. These relationships are decades old. You are the newest one. Don’t try to possess your husband and expect him to give all the attention to you.

Don’t Neglect your husband after you have children. Many women start neglecting their husbands once they have kids. They are actually not neglecting deliberately, but they get so much absorbed with their children that their husband feels neglected. You must balance the two and keep paying attention to your husband

Don’t leave your job. When a woman has kids, she feels compelled to devote more time to her children. In such a situation, she has to take that time from her jobs. Some women leave their jobs since they can’t balance the two. It would be better if you don’t leave the job and manage your kids with the help of your parents and in laws or with a baby-sitter. You can also explore work-at-home types of jobs for some period. After a few years, the kids won’t need that much time and you can be back on your job.

Never compromise with your self-respect. Marriage is another name of compromise. No two people are ever same in this world. Hence, you have to make adjustments with your husband’s and his family. In your attempt to improve relationships, never sacrifice self-respect. You must always live with honour. If you lose your honour, it may be difficult to get it back.

Never lose yourself. There is something in us which is original, divine and pure. We change with time, but this core of ours never change. It’s nature which makes us introvert or extrovert, loud or silent, emotional or rational. That is your identity and true self. Never try to become like someone else to please anyone. Let people accept you as you are. When you lose yourself, you lose your soul and then you can never be happy again.


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