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BusinessA 16 years old Teenager Reveals How A 30-Year-Old Man Slept With...

A 16 years old Teenager Reveals How A 30-Year-Old Man Slept With Her One Week After She Dated Him

A 16 years old Teenager Reveals How A 30-Year-Old Man Slept With Her One Week After She Dated Him

A 16 years old teenager named Adwoa whose identity has been withheld for some reasons met her 30-year-old boyfriend at Kwashiekuma after she went to fetch with her mother and sister.

The man asked for her contact number but she told him that she is not having a cell phone, still he insisted on getting her contact. The teenager said she was not having any option than to give her mother’s number to him.

The man called her in the evening and convinced her that he is a chief who fulfilled every promise he makes. He also told her that if she accepts his proposal, he will buy her an iPhone, and provide her with everything she needs her school fees. Adwoa added that the chief came for her one week later with his car and they went to his house. Her boyfriend slept with her but he gave her only GHC40 before he sent her back home.

One week later, she went to visit her again, the chief again slept with her and also convinced her that he is making preparations to buy her the iPhone he promised.

The teenager added that her parents bought everything she needs and she went to the boarding house in the senior high school. A few days later she started feeling feverish but she thought it was a normal illness. She spent 4 months in the school before they vacated.

Adwoa reveals that her mother found out she is pregnant the moment she set her eyes because she was looking pale, they rushed her to a nearby pharmacy for a pregnancy test. Truly the test indicated that she was pregnant, her mother again sent her to the hospital for an ultrasound scan. The scan too detected that she is 4 months pregnant, when they got home her parents asked her about the man who impregnated her.

She too told them the whole truth about her boyfriend, her parents then called the chief to meet them. The chief came to their house and they informed him about the pregnancy, although he accepted the pregnancy, but he told them that because of her education they should abort the pregnancy. Adwoa said her parents did not agree with the chief’s decision, still he wants her to abort the baby.

Adwoa says her parents later found out that her boyfriend has 2 wifes but he didn’t tell her anything about his marital status. According to Adwoa’s patent they always want a better future for their daughter, they advised her on countless occasions before they enrolled her in the senior high school. But they never expected that their daughter will get pregnant at this stage.


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