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CelebrityHow To Keep Your Vagina Clean, Sweet and Healthy

How To Keep Your Vagina Clean, Sweet and Healthy

How To Keep Your Vagina Clean, Sweet and Healthy

To keep the vagina clean, sweet and healthy is very easy beneficial to women. The vagina is an elastic, muscular canal with a soft, flexible lining that provides lubrication and sensation. The vagina is a 3 – 6-inch-long muscular canal that runs from the cervix, the lower part of the uterus, to the outside of the body. The vagina is prone to infection and maximum care is needed to keep it clean and healthy at all times.

A healthy and clean vagina is very sweet.

Tips to keep the vagina clean, sweet and healthy
Practice good hygiene. Remember to wipe and pat dry the vagina anytime you wash. Change pads and tampons regularly and when you are not menstruating avoid using pant liners.
Avoid sexual intercourse with multiple partners. Having sexual intercourse with multiple partners is traumatic for the vagina, it increases the chances of STDs and other vagina infections.

Avoid smoking and alcohol. These vices are known to make hormonal levels go haywire and it affects you by altering the ph balance of the vagina making it prone to infection.
Pick your panties wisely. Panties like lace, silk, or synthetic fiber look sexy but aren’t comfortable for the vagina. They prevent air from circulating causing sweat and trapping moisture which is not good for the vagina’s well-being. Loose cotton panties are comfy and light, it also reduces the chances of skin rash in the vagina area. The fancy panties and lingerie during role-play and naughty striptease is fine, aside from that, switch to lose cotton.
Shave regularly. The shorter the hair, the better. Do not shave on dry skin in other not to cause skin irritation. Use baby powder or coconut or olive oil. Shave downwards, move the shaving Stick from top to bottom gently on the skin.
Wash before and after sex time. Also, ensure your partner’s genitals are washed thoroughly before sex too because the vagina is prone to diseases when they come in contact with other body fluids and particles. It is important to wash the area with your clean fingers and plain clean water to keep the bad bacteria away.
Eat wisely. Yogurts, leaf veggies, soy products, and fruits help boost the good bacteria in the vagina. They do not cause odor and prevent infection. On the contrary foods like onion garlic and various spices can affect the moisture balance in the vagina and cause odor.
Use natural lubricants. Little lubrication is necessary to keep it moisturized and maintain the natural pH balance. Use coconut oil instead of over-the-counter lubricators which can damage the delicate cells of the vagina.
Treat vaginal infection promptly. The vaginal is prone to disease if you notice any signs like pain in the vaginal during urination, an urge to urinate every moment, and burning sensation and itchiness in the vagina you should consult a specialist to treat it immediately.
Avoid using random soap down there. The Vagina can clean itself from the inside, use only soap made specifically for the vagina with clean water to wash the outside. A healthy vagina balance is 3.8 to 4.5 using random soaps and other bathing products could interfere with the temperature and moisture balance. Also, the harsh chemicals of some soaps could wipe away the good bacteria from the vagina and irritate the sensitive layer of the skin which could result to inching and yeast formation.
What is vaginal discharge, is it normal?
It is very normal to have daily discharge, the vaginal is a moist place, it needs to stay moist so the secretion sometimes will get on the panties. A little bit of discharge every day is very normal. Normal vaginal discharge color is usually clear white or light yellow, it can be a little bit thick or thin depending on the cycle. At times during your cycle, the discharge can be more.

When to worry about vaginal discharge
If the discharge is itchy, chunky, or has an odor it could be a yeast infection, it can be treated with anti-fungal medication.
when the discharge is green or yellow color accompanied by pain could be gonorrhea or chlamydia.
An overgrowth of normal bacteria can cause an imbalance that may lead to bacterial vaginosis.
A healthy vagina is sweet, always keep it healthy


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