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CrimeIf I Had Listened To My Mum, I Wouldn't Have Killed Him;...

If I Had Listened To My Mum, I Wouldn’t Have Killed Him; Wife Who Killed Husband Shares Ordeal As She Regrets.

If I Had Listened To My Mum, I Wouldn’t Have Killed Him; Wife Who Killed Husband Shares Ordeal As She Regrets.

In addition to regretting murdering her husband, Caroline Barka, the housewife who was jailed in Adamawa State after fatally stabbing him, she regrets deciding to wed him against her parents’ advice.

The 20-year-old woman described how she met her late spouse and the events that led to their marriage in an interview with Punch Newspaper that was published on Saturday.

She said that he used to go see his aunt, who shared their home with her. They were acquainted by his aunt, who then proposed to Barka as his brother’s bride.

She was 17 years old at the time. She informed her parents of her plans to wed the guy, but they disapproved. Her parents informed her that the guy was not at fault, claiming that he was an alcoholic with a woman-beating addiction.

But she disregarded her parents’ advice and caution. She eventually decided to wed him. Over the two years of marriage, only one year of marital harmony was experienced. They changed into a dog and a cat in the home after a year. The husband would abuse his wife and often consume large amounts of alcohol.

She said he doesn’t provide her with money to support herself and her child. She was forced to accept a menial job for which she was paid 1,000 naira a day as a consequence. All of this, according to her, was done so that she and her infant could eat.

The husband would sell the food provided to them by a meal voucher, and he would use the proceeds to buy alcohol. He always arrived home late and was quite inebriated.

However, trouble began the night he went out drinking and returned home quite late. He fell on their ill child, who had a high fever, as he attempted to barge his way into the room.

The wife hit him after the event, which infuriated her. If she mistreated him once more, he challenged her to think he wouldn’t deal with her. The wife questioned why he would return home so late at night and try to murder their kid.

They got into a fight like that. He struck the wife in the back with his vigilante stick. He grabbed for his knife during the subsequent scuffle and stabbed the wife. The woman fought to pick up the knife after it had fallen and injured the man in the same way.

They both collapsed to the ground at that point. The spouse stumbled over the knife, piercing him severely, which caused severe blood. The rushing neighbors took him to the hospital.

However, he passed away before he could make it to the hospital. Barka expressed her remorse by stating that what her mother had said about him was accurate. She said that if she had listened to her mother, she wouldn’t be in the mess she is in now and that she regretted ever marrying him.

Despite all she endured at his hands, she said she never yearned for his death.


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