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Business“I Still Can’t Believe One-Night-Stand Would Cause Me Such Pain” – Nigerian...

“I Still Can’t Believe One-Night-Stand Would Cause Me Such Pain” – Nigerian woman has recounted a tragic Ordeal

“I Still Can’t Believe One-Night-Stand Would Cause Me Such Pain” – Nigerian woman has recounted a tragic Ordeal

A young Nigerian woman has recounted a tragic occurrence that occurred to her after she got close to an unidentified man.
She claims to have met the man at a party, where they later swapped phone numbers.

They began phoning one other frequently to check in on one another. They agreed to go on a date a few days later, and it actually went well.

However, he convinced her to give him what he termed a birthday intercourse on his birthday, and she did so without realizing how her life would soon change.

She wrote:

“I still can’t believe one night of birthday s*x would cause me such pain.

One night at a party I met this guy called Uche. We got talking & exchanged numbers & started talking to each other everyday. Sometimes he’ll do video calls to check up on me & see how my day went. Sometime passed & we eventually scheduled our first date. It was an indoor date,

I went to his house, we had wine, ate & watched a movie before I headed back to my house. I was impressed by his self control, he didn’t try to touch me or initiate s*x just because I was at his house.

He was so respectful & polite, or so I thought. His birthday was fast approaching & he had planned a beach getaway & invited me to come along.

I was excited that he wanted me to be a part of his celebration & believed that meant that he wanted more than just s*x.

The day before his birthday, we met up again but this time around i spent the night & we ended up having sx. I was reluctant to have sx that night but he persuaded me & jokingly reminded me that it was almost his birthday so i should give him “birthday s*x” which i did.

The encounter wasn’t anything to be excited about but he came inside me & we slept off. In the morning we headed to the beach for his party & it was quite fun. On my way home from his party,

I bought post-pill & took it within the 72-hour window so i was confident that i had nothing to worry about. We continued talking to each other, even gave each other pet names & then he told me he loved me.

A few weeks later i missed my period, so I did a test & found out that i was pregnant.

I summoned the courage & texted him that we needed to meet up. The next morning he was supposed to order a cab for me to come to his place, but I just couldn’t keep the news away from him. It was eating me up so badly & I needed him to comfort me, so I told him over the phone instead of waiting until I got to his place.

The first thing he said after acting as if I had just spoken in a foreign language was to tell me not to bother coming anymore, that he was sick. I was confused how sickness entered the matter, this man that was so anxious to see me earlier.

He started acting like we never had s*x, telling me things like “this is entirely not my business”, “don’t talk to me about things I didn’t do”. He also said he was traveling out of the country in a week so I wouldn’t even be able to reach him with this crap, then he proceeded to block me on instagram.

I pleaded with him that I was alone & there was no one I could reach out to but he didn’t even give me a chance to explain he kept denying me as if he had amnesia. It was so weird because there was no one else reading the chats, it was just me & him so why couldn’t he just own up to his sh*t?

I was so heartbroken & alone because I am somewhat introverted & I don’t confide in anyone, but I was forced to reach out to a friend who followed me to the clinic so i could have a medical abortion. After my procedure, my friend couldn’t let the whole thing go, she reached out to him to tell him i was sick just to see if that would change his attitude & that was when I saw the real him. He began by telling her that his sister got pregnant too & didn’t know the father so she’s currently in the village with her son.

How was that my business? He continued by saying he never touched me & that we had a platonic relationship. He said i occasionally reached out to him for advice & that i was a drug addict so I was probably confused about who was responsible for my pregnancy.

After reading all the things he said to my friend about me, I experienced a serious emotional & mental breakdown, coupled with the fact that I was still losing blood from my abortion that I ended up fainting. I woke up to find myself in a hospital with my parents & siblings there, they were looking at me in disappointment, with shame & pity too.

It was a very horrible experience. One night with this individual had caused me such pain. When I got back home i just decided to put everything behind me because vengeance is of the Lord & I know he’ll still fight for me.”

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