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CrimePakistan: Muslim rapes Christian employee, calls her ‘dirty Christian,’ tells her to...

Pakistan: Muslim rapes Christian employee, calls her ‘dirty Christian,’ tells her to go back to work

Pakistan: Muslim rapes Christian employee, calls her ‘dirty Christian,’ tells her to go back to work

“Indeed, the worst of animals in Allah’s sight are the ungrateful who will not believe.” (Qur’an 8:55)

There is no obligation to give animals any kind of human consideration.

“Christian woman raped by employer then gang tells her and family they must go back to work,” British Asian Christian Association, July 17, 2022 (thanks to The Religion of Peace):

A Christian woman was raped by her Muslim employer, who sent for her to go to his private quarters at the end of her work shift.

After the ordeal the woman’s family still reeling from news of the sexual assault, were met by an armed gang at their home the following morning demanding they all go back to work.

Rimsha Riaz (18 yrs) was employed in a glass crushing company alongside members of her family all of whom were hard-working loyal employees for Haji Ali Akbar, a successful Muslim businessman.

Members of the family  turned up for work as usual on 6th July 2022 and after a tiresome shift they were all ready to go home.  As they were all packing up and getting ready to leave a messenger was sent from the offices of Mr Akbar calling for the attendance of Rimsha Riaz for some extra work that was required.

The time was around 7.30pm so her mother Mumtaz Bibi (how old), brother Arslan (17 yrs) and oldest brother Adnan (25 yrs) returned home.

About an hour later Rimsha arrived home and was visibly distressed.  Her mother asked her about the work Rimsha had done for Mr Akbar, at which pint she broke out into tears and informed her family that she had been raped at gunpoint.

Rimsha  spoke with BACA about the attack, she said:

“In his office, Mr Akbar pulled out his pistol threatened to kill me if I did not do what he wanted.

“He then started raping me.

“I cried out as loud as I could but  no-one came to help.

“After he finished with me, Mr Akbar put the pistol to my ear and threatened to kill my brothers and other family members, if I dared to tell anyone.”

When Mr Akbar had completed his rape and threat he sat down and let Rimsha go.   Rimsha took the opportunity to redress herself and ran all the way home.

Her mother instructed the family not to go back to work ever again but did not go to police, because Christian families are generally frightened of them, and expect little justice.

After two days however, on 8th July, Mr Akbar arrived at their home in the evening with a four armed men and rapped loudly on their door with the butt of his pistol. Mr Akbar shouted out to the family that they should open the door or face dire consequences. Rimsha’s brother Arslan opened the door frightened of what might happen to the family and was shocked to see all the armed men.

Arslan told us that Mr Akbar was drunk when he arrived and abused him and other family members verbally.  He demanded that they all return back to work and threatened to kill them if they failed to arrive the next day.

Arslan told him that they had left the work and would not be returning to the factory anymore. At this Muhammad Akbar furiously shouted:

“How dare you leave my factory without my permission?

You filthy Chooras (dirty Christians).

“I will kill you if you remain absent tomorrow and make sure you bring the girl.


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