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BusinessAtiku Abubakar Should Reconcile With Governor Nyesom Wike To Appease Some Aggrieved...

Atiku Abubakar Should Reconcile With Governor Nyesom Wike To Appease Some Aggrieved PDP Members

Atiku Abubakar Should Reconcile With Governor Nyesom Wike To Appease Some Aggrieved PDP Members

Atiku Abubakar became the presidential candidate of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) after he flawlessly won the primary election. Governor Nyesom Wike came second in the election, and he promised to support whoever emerged as the flag bearer of the party.

The PDP presidential primaries came to an end with some of the party members aggrieved due to the circumstances surrounding the election. A lot of people supported Wike during the election, but there was an alleged scheming that went on behind the scenes that saw Atiku Abubakar emerge.

After the presidential primaries of the PDP, the topic of choosing a running mate became another problem for the party. It nearly caused an internal crisis, as some of the governors from the PDP camp think Wike is the best option as running mate for Atiku.

Atiku Abubakar chose Governor Okowa as his running mate, and this got some party members angry. Governor Ortom of Benue State is one of the major people that is not happy about Atiku Abubakar’s decision. He recently revealed during an interview with Arise TV that the majority of PDP governors told Atiku to choose Wike, but he decided to choose Okowa.

Governor Ortom revealed that he has resolved to go into hibernation for the moment, as he intends to do fasting and pray for God to reveal to him if he should support Atiku or not. His statement during the interview clearly signifies he has no intentions of supporting Atiku’s presidential bid at the moment, although that might later change.

Apart from Governor Ortom, there are other major party stakeholders in the PDP that are aggrieved, and this doesn’t look good for the PDP. If they have the intention of having a chance during the 2023 presidential election, the PDP need to come and work together. This means Atiku Abubakar needs to seek the support of Governors Ortom and Wike.

Why Atiku Abubakar’s Reconciliation With Gov Wike Will Give Him The Support Of Other PDP Members

Governor Wike is arguably one of the major shot callers in the PDP. He is also one of the oldest and most loyal members of the PDP, who has stood by the party through tough times. His contributions towards the success of the party cannot be overlooked, as he has arguably contributed more than Atiku Abubakar.

If Atiku wants to win the 2023 presidential election, he needs the support of Governor Wike, because from what Governor Ortom revealed, his support for Atiku is dependent on his settlement with Wike. This means he needs to settle with Governor Wike first, which will influence the decision of Governor Ortom because he has specifically revealed that it is because of Wike that he is not happy.


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