Lady went for an interview in a hotel in Lagos, see what they later did to her

According to a tweet that was tweeted by a lady yesterday as people were reacting to the case of a model who was almost forcefully slept with, she has narrated what happened to her in 2018 when she was messaged by an instagram modelling casting call in Lagos State.

When she went for the casting call, it was a hotel in Ojo she went and when she got there, the woman gave her a form to fill and after filling it, she was told to show them a studio photo of herself on her phone and after she showed her, the woman collected her phone told her to give her some minutes, as she will soon be back because, she needed to go show their boss her pictures in the other room, as she also collected the nylon she brought, where her clothes, wig she wanted to use for the casting were.

Some minutes after the woman collected her phone and the nylon, she went out look for her, as she didn’t show up again and it was then she was told that the woman has left with another man on a bike, as she realized at that moment that she has been scammed and vowed never to do anything that relates to modelling again.

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