Hilarious Photos Of The New Challenge That’s Currently Trending In South Africa

Web-based media clients do come up various challenges every now and then. You could review the Charlie Charlie challenge and numerous others that once turned into a web sensation via web-based media.
There’s another challenges that is presently moving in South Africa, to do this challenges , somebody would twist down and act like they’re attempting to blow breeze into a fire

Hilarious photos of this new challenge are causing reactions on social media, a lady who recently participated in the challenge has been declared a winner by many social media users as her post seems to gather some of the highest engagements so far.

So far I haven’t discovered any particular given name for this challenge so I gave it “blow fire” as someone has to pretend like they’re blowing breeze into a fire.

Check some hilarious photos of the trending “blow fire” challenge.

What do we call this challenge and what do you think of the name I gave it?

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