BOMBSHELL!!! President ‘Buhari Is Too Lazy & Corrupt To Solve Nigeria’s Problems’, Northern Elder

Tanko Yakassai, a northern elder statesman has declared that President Muhammadu Buhari is too lazy and corrupt to solve Nigeria’s problems.

Yakassai, 94, explained that President Buhari only presented himself for election just ‘to have power and make money.’

Mr. Yankasai, who served as an aide to former President Shehu Shagari, told Sunday Tribune that President Buhari’s incompetence is evident in his failure to develop a programme that will aid in tackling the country’s challenges. He described Mr Buhari’s election as the greatest mistake made by Nigerians.

“I have never supported and will never support Buhari. I know Buhari has no competence to rule the country,” he said. “I have never changed my mind about his lack of competence to lead the country.”

He said further that he has always opposed President Buhari’s regime “because I knew he could not solve our problems as a country. The capacity is not just there,” while stating that he “would join efforts to look for somebody who can solve our problems.”

The elder statesman believes that Nigeria’s problems cannot be solved until there are key strategies put in place.

“Nobody can solve Nigeria’s problems until there is a programme for solving the problems,” he said, adding that “Many now want to become president because they want to have power and to make money.”

“Such people can’t solve our problems or the problems of any country. Only people who put their minds to the problems can solve such problems. If we want to develop agriculture, we must have a programme that solves the problems in that area,” he added.

Mr. Yankasai, however, noted that despite his opposition to President Buhari’s regime, he would not support those seeking to break Nigeria apart.

The president is believed to have failed Nigerians in his promises of curbing corruption, insecurity, improving the citizens’ quality of life, as well as tackling the country’s economic woes.

President Buhari’s regime has been accused of worsening corruption, nepotism, banditry and kidnapping across the country. The United States recently described his regime as also worsening human rights in Nigeria while looting the country with impunity.

The president has consistently pushed back against claims that he’s lazy or corrupt by pointing to rail construction and other key projects of his administration.

The president also said his anti-corruption drive, which includes the raging confrontation with university teachers over centralised personnel payroll system, has been unmatched by any previous administration.

Recall that last week, Femi Adesina, presidential spokesman, said some Nigerian Christian clerics are preaching hate and propagating falsehood against the President Buhari government.

According to Adesina in his weekly column, the clerics have unleashed  a “war of tongue” against Buhari including everyone serving in his government.

“I am surprised at some of our clerics, particularly the Christian ones, since it is the religion I am more familiar with. They speak as if they read another Bible”, Mr Adesina said. “They preach hate from the pulpits, propagate falsehood, generate animosity against the government. And when these things are fully grown, the animus boils over, leads to violence and upheavals, lives are lost. Don’t these preachers of hate know that they are liable, and won’t be found guiltless? May God save us from war of tongues, even from those who should be showing us examples.”

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