Mixed Reactions As Nnamdi Kanu Speaks About Being Loyal To Nigeria

Nnamdi Okwu Kanu is a notable Nigerian and also Biafra political activist. He is the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB). The main aim of IPOB is to create an independent state for the people of the old Eastern Region of Nigeria through a referendum. Kanu took to his social media page to clear the air about the series of bloodshed in the country, Nigeria. Kanu said, “Before you shed your blood or that of another for #OneNigeria, think about this: A truly UNITED nation does not require bloodshed to keep it one. Unity is of the mind, not of guns. You don’t have to die for your nation to remain ONE.” This has shown who peaceful Kanu wish the state of the country to be, and the level of security to improve. He also hopes that we all live unity and progress.

He also added that “If you have to, then you don’t have a nation.”

Here are the top reactions to his page

1. “Okwu, when I was eight years old, I heard repeated reference to the kwashiorkor and the sufferings and death of more than eight million Igbo children during the 1967 war. I heard of children dying of hunger, of protruding stomachs, thin legs, falling hair from protein deficiency.”

2. “These are your eternal fears that if care is not taken will lead you to death. Yesterday, I watched a movie on Slavery & Freedom. Despite the sufferings and deaths of so many slaves the protagonist later achieved FREEDOM. Stop blackmailing yourself with FEAR of death and sufferings.”

3. “Thank you for this beautiful piece. However, could you kindly refrain from attacking security forces in the SE? It is a terrible approach that would let them nail your men and kill innocent people. You should focus on lobbying int’l partners in achieving Biafra.”

4. “He does not need to say it. The approach adopted by IPOB in SE has been confrontational especially with the police. You don’t need when you don’t have the warfare to face them when they come. Do you know how many were kill in PH and IMO btw 2020/21? Just saying my own shaa.”

5. “Killings of Igbos did not start today, it started in 1945 . They will kill us, we will kill them and at the end, Biafra must come.”

6. “There could be so many ways to kill a fly. unconventional solution is required now. Let the law enforcement agencies also experience the fear and anarchy the CIC brought upon this nation. They now go to work with uniform hidden.”

7. “This is Sheikh Abubakar Gumi & those who committed mass slaughter of d innocent in Ebonyi state. Mr Dave Umahi, u don’t need to travel far to fish the murderers who massacred your people, u know who they are, we know who they are, do something otherwise u take d responsibility.”

8. “In the act of war, the oppressor always makes the oppressed feel like they have nothing to lose same mind game Fulani and British are playing, the oppressed must fight like they have nothing to lose as well, BIAFRA, oduduwa and ariwa coexisted together peacefully before Fulani.”

9. “Hausa has been displaced & replaced. It’s now Fulani, Igbo and Yoruba. Kwara is now Fulani & the march is on to displace & replace Yoruba. Sunday Igboho’s stand is the awakening gong for the Yorubas, but the ambition of individuals & traitors are the weakening spirit. Tinubu.”

10. “To all those who made or makes the statement “The unity of Nigeria is not negotiable” how far? Will you keep losing your loved ones or shedding the blood of the innocent to maintain & keep the British contraption one? The Bloodshed is too much. The time for a REFERENDUM is now.”

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