I Boarded A Bus Going To Onitsha While One Man Sat Behind Me – Lady Narrates Experience

What people go through everyday is what we should understand as what life is truly all about, we gain different experience, from our actions towards others and other people actions towards us, all we have to do is share these Experience for people to learn from them.

Often times women are found in a difficult situation where they really need to act for their self respect to be restored and maintained, a pretty lady Identified as Jacy Mmadu Amynwa has narrated her Experience in the hand of a man whom she boarded a bus with on her way to write an exam in Onitsha, in a post she made on social media.

According to the lady, she boarded a bus and a man who sat behind her was touching her inappropriately, a situation which she was very uncomfortable with and she warned him on several occasions.

The man attempted to try to touch another lady inappropriately while in the same bus, and the reaction was different and it resulted in a row in the vehicle with a few people taking sides with the man.

Here post has generated mixed reviews as a lot of people have shared their opinion. 

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