See What This Beautiful Lady Said she’s Thanking God for That Caused Reactions

Some people in this generation lack shame to the extent that coming to social media to spew rubbish is nothing to them. Most times I began to wonder if those people don’t have any home the come out from. Both their dressing and comment would left you with deeper reasoning.

Those that are guilty like this lady, what is their aim? Do we blame what social media users called clout chaser, trying to be notice by people or what? Whatever it may be, it doesn’t worth anything one should disgrace his or herself about.

I urge us to be mindful of the way we live the life God give us. Don’t get it twisted, am not against one being thankful to God for one thing or other, but there is a way we may go about it and it would become abomination both in the sight of men and also God.

What caught my attention over her was not her appearance, I only glanced on her picture from afar and was eager to read her write up when I noticed there was one attached to her pictures. Though her being grateful to God got me as I tried to know what she was being grateful of, but I felt bad with her last sentence which was not in anyway civil. .

According to what she said, her being thankful to God was because God endowed her with a big breast any man can die for. Talking about her figure of speech, one would wonder how many man that have die over what she is thanking God for, and I pray and renounce it should she meant what she said.

No man would die because of the way God created her, you. God created you for a special purpose and not for anyone to die because of it. I believe the reactions she got from her followers, would help her to correct such impression.

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