‘Babalawo’ storms court in solidarity with Sowore his Believe

EXTRA: ‘Babalawo’ storms court in solidarity with Sowore

The unexpected happened on Tuesday when an unidentified man clad in the outfit of a ‘babalawo’ stormed the premises of a magistrate court sitting in Wuse Zone 2, Abuja.

Just in case you are not Nigerian, ‘babalawo’ is a spiritual title that denotes a priest of the Ifá oracle.

‘Babalawos’ are believed to possess the power to ascertain the future of their clients through communication with supernatural beings.

Hence, court attendees were understandably taken aback when the individual donning the full ‘babalawo’ regalia arrived in the company of Omoyele Sowore, convener of the #RevolutionNow m

He wore a knee-length robe with red and black stripes — and a cap to match.

The robe, embellished with white cowries, had snail shells and little calabashes hanging on like light bulbs on a Christmas tree.

The ‘babalawo’ also had the head of a cat hanging down his neck

The #RevolutionNow leader described the man as a Nigerian who came to show his support for him.

Sowore and four others were arraigned on a three-count charge bordering on conspiracy, unlawful assembly, and incitement.

With all that preamble out of the way, we present to you the Sowore-loving ‘babalawo’.

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