Manchester United manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer believes Chelsea’s website attempted to influence referees.

United drew 0-0 with the Blues on Sunday and were denied a penalty when the ball hit Callum Hudson-Odoi’s hand in the box.

Many viewers were shocked when the VAR did not give it, as was United’s boss.

‘Yep. 100%. Not at all [understand why],’ he said on Sky Sports.’ When they stop it and he walks across. From here you can see it’s handball, they’re shouting handball against our player. It’s taken two points away from us.

‘I can’t say, because that’s not gonna be good for him. I didn’t say it, i don’t want to cause controversy. It’s not right is it. It’s all this outside influences, VAR talk before the game on Harry, cheeky when they put that on the website. That’s influencing referees.

‘You can read what they’re saying about Harry Maguire and putting pressure on referees to give penalties against us. We’ve seen there was a manager, was it frank, that started it. Loads of talk about us getting penalties when there’s no doubt, and of course today we should’ve had a penalty.

‘With the ball, not enough quality, didn’t create the chances we hoped for. Mason’s done really well, Marcus has scored plenty, and I think you can see why Dan James played, absolutely top. So today we decided on those 3, and Anthony will definitely keep playing for us and score goals.

‘Towards the end you’re pushing players forward, want to get that winning goal. Clean sheet is the foundation. Loads of clean sheets against top sides, but we need to find the goal.’

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