Lady attended her ex boyfriend’s wedding and was served the best food with one separate cooler.

It was reported that a lady who attended her ex boyfriend’s wedding was served the best food in the occasion. According to Johnvianney Chinedu who shared this on social media, he said that this happened in Nsugbe in Anambra state.

From the pictures, you would see the lady personally served with a cooler containing breadfruit. Breadfruit which is called ukwa in Igbo language is one of the best food and most valued.

In an occasion, ukwa is reserved for the big personalities who attended the occasion. Ukwa is considered in many parts of Igbo land as the most precious food and that is why it is given such great value.

According to the the post, the lady who was said to be be the groom’s ex girlfriend, was served the cooler of breadfruit with a long spoon. While people were reacting to the post, a lot of people interpreted the incident in their own understanding

It was confirmed in the comment section by another user who claimed to be a native of Nsugbe, the place of the event when he admitted that it is his town

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