Why I Have Decided to Kill Myself – Woman Makes Heartbreak Confession on #Twitter.

It is always advisable to do a background check of the man/woman you want to settle down with before you get married in order to avoid stories that touches the heart.

It’s is important to know the family they come from, if possible their tradition, family history as well as their parents.

Likewise, it is essential for mothers who got pregnant out of wedlock to introduce their children to their biological father especially the girl child.

A woman recently took to Twitter handle to cry her heart out after she discovered that the man she is married to for over 12 years is her brother.

She said she has only now discovered that her husband is actually her brother from another mother. The two have three children together already.

In African culture this is anathema (abomination), it is not acceptable to marry a relative, no matter the circumstance or conditions.

This lady is now in a serious dilemma seeking advice on what to do, she’s suicidal.

Should she divorce her husband and treat him like a brother or continue with this marriage, which many consider an abomination?

Please advise her.

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