“The Police Were More Concerned About Why David Nketim Rex Was Carrying A Laptop” – Man Mourns Relative

There has been an outcry on social media after a man identified as David Nketim Rex was robbed and shot dead on his way home in Lagos.

A close source narrated David’s ordeal online which taunted almost everyone who came across his tweet on social media.

According to Roy Mustang, David is a very young and brilliant guy who is into tech (programming ). He was the middle child in a family of three.

On a fateful night, he was robbed and shot around Jibowu area of Lagos state. This happened around 8 pm on that day. 

As it’s customary in Nigeria to get a police report before a bullet wound can be treated, the police were contacted. 

Roy noted that David was still battling for his life when the Police were contacted. 

Roy in his tweet recounted that the Nigerian police heeded to their call but were taking photographs instead of actions.

He said they were more concerned why David( a tech geek) was carrying a Laptop. 

By the time David was released by the police, he had lost a lot of blood. He was taken to the Lagos State University Teaching Hospital where he wasn’t attended to.

According to Roy, this was 4hours after David was shot by the Robbers.

The cold hands of death later took away David from his family. He is a programmer with an aspiration. 

When he was alive, he used to work as a product designer at a financial technology firm.

David Nketim is a 22-year-old computer system engineer. In 2018, he beat 17,000 others from around the world, including finalists from Brazil, Germany, India, Japan, Nepal, and the United States to emerge as the co-regional winner of the annual Master the Mainframe competition, organised by AngelHack and IBM Z Academic Initiative.

One of his classmates noted that the hospital refused to attend to David because he was carrying a gunshot wound. Also, the Nigerian police held his wounded body because it was evidence of a robbery.

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