See The Biggest Lizard In The World And Where It Was Found

Unlike the normal lizard everybody knows the are still bigger lizard which are not found at homes but in big forest.

The biggest lizard was found in a particular country and it was also called a dragon.

This lizard looks so strange and dangerous but it found by scientists who is a lady that loves doing research.

Have you ever wondered in your mind how big a lizards can be? The Komodo dragons is the largest monitor lizards species on earth can grow up to 3 meters and they can weigh up to 70 kilograms. The dragons are inhabitants of Komodo island in Indonesia, the biggest lizard was found in Indonesia by a lady scientist. It was so surprising to know that this kind of lizards exit in the world, this shows that God really took time to create things

Since these animals are reptiles, they hunt prey like antelopes, gazelles, buffaloes etc and they have a venomous bite which is very dangerous and paralyzes their prey with just one bite. They have very heavy and powerful Jaws like those of Crocodiles and their tails are even more powerful than an elephant own They can turn into cannibals by eating their own young ones when food is scarce. Many cases of these lizards eating their young ones are recorded on daily basis.

This big monitor lizards can live on earth up to about 30 years and they’ re well protected since they are a rare, endangered and almost extinct specie which cannot be seen anyhow except when looked for in the bush.

It was very good and surprising lesson to know that they are lizards that are so big like this.

The are more strange animals in the bush that will shock you if found, God made so many animals of different kinds and species, most of this animal are very dangerous to human that’ s why the are found in very thick and big forest.

Any animal found around people are considered to good animal which are not harmful to human.

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