A Police officer whose wife rendered him blind with acid forgives and drops the charges against his wife

When people speak about love, it seems so magical that a lot of people don’t understand the sacrifices that are involved. The sacrifice involved in loving someone is such a great one that takes courage and the spirit of God to make.

It was reported that the man whose pictures appear below who is reportedly a police officer identified as Dan Shishia, has done what rare people can do. According to the story as shared by a page its name is on the screenshot below, the wife of the alleged police officer poured a sulphuric acid on her husband during a family misunderstanding.

His wife was charged for such wicked act but surprisingly, after the man regained himself even though he has been left blind as a result of the acid, he forgives his wife and dropped the constitutional charges against his wife.

See the screenshot of the story below.

See the pictures of the man and his wife.

A lot of people could not believe that such kindness still exist in some people’s hearts while some blame the man for such forgiveness after the situation the woman has put her through. See some of the people’s reactions.

Can you forgive this kind of act?

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