I’m the Only Girl That Took Her Boyfriend Out and Spent 7k on Him by Killing Chicken for People-Lady

When a woman world for her own money, she feels independent, great and proud of herself that at each little opportunity given, she doesn’t fail to let the world know she’s her own boss. It’s actually more when what she does is what many dread to do, what they see as dirty, uncalled for, little income happens to be what she cashes from proudly, takes care of herself from it and her other responsibilities including helping out her man from it, she feels on top of the world.

Men are mostly seen as those on the spending part while women on the consumption part, which is why they always insist on going for parties, dates etc as it doesn’t come from their pockets but when you eventually see a lady that does so, it leaves you wondering if this is actually very true.

A Nigerian lady by name Chisom has taken to Facebook to announce how industrious she is, adding more that she’s the only girl that took her boyfriend out and spent N7,000 on him by just killing chicken for people in Enugu.

See below:

There’s joy in working for your own money and not always being on the receiving end. Dear ladies, try to work for your own money, so to be proud, your head up and also humble when monetary issues are brought up.

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