“I Swam In A River Of Dead Bodies Looking For My Son, Chijioke “- Mr Iloanya Shares His SARS Experience

The shocking tale of the Iloanya’s family and the unbearable loss that they have suffered in the hands of Awkuzu SARS unit in Anambra led by CSP James Nwafor has shocked many Nigerians.

Following the inauguration of the Judicial Panel of Inquiry (JPI) set up in Anambra State, more witnesses of police brutality have been testifying before the panel.

Mr Emmanuel Iloanya, the man who reportedly swam a river full of dead bodies in search for his missing son, Chijioke testified before the panel and revealed that he also sold three of his properties (including one where he buried his daughter two years before the incident) not knowing the police were lying to him and Chijioke had been murdered in cold blood.

Chijioke was 20 years old in 2012, he went for child dedication and was picked up there and was allegedly taken to SARS office. “When his family went to look for him, they were told he has been taken to the headquarters. When they got there, His mother spotted him being taken to the station and she said that is my child. “The officer in charge of that station asked them to boot her and the family out of the premises. Since then they haven’t seen Chijioke.

The next time they went, the officer boasted that he shot Chijioke and there is nothing anyone can do about it. Some other officers told the parents that it is possible ha hadn’t died that the man (officer in charge) could just be bluffing and that they should bring some money to bring him.

The father brought some money and the officer said the money was too small. The father went, sold his land, sold some properties, raised N3 million, gave it to the man and the man said N3 million was ‘chicken change’.

The most horrifying part of this story, that man in charge, made Chijioke’s dad look for Chijioke’s body in the river of dead bodies; he made him turned every single corpse upside down searching for his son.

Corroborating her father’s story, Obianuju Iloanya replied Funmi Iyanda; “Good morning Ma, Mr Emmanuel Iloanya is my father.

“Yes, we did sell our properties including the land where my little sister was buried to get my brother out and yet he was killed (James Nwafor admitted killing him to my parents).”

She also stated that selling the land was the family’s only option at that point.

“I just want the land my sister was buried on. It was also the only land my dad inherited from his father, a structure was on it already too before it was sold. We are no longer allowed access to my sister’s grave!” Obianuju pointed.

EndSARS|”We Drank Our Urine To Quench Thirst In SARS Cell”–Victim Recounts HORRIFYING Experience

A 23-year-old man has recounted his horrifying encounter with operatives of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS), Awkuzu, in Anambra State.

The young man chose to be anonymous because of his safety so for the purpose of recognition, he would be called “Chijindu”.

Chijindu was arrested on February 13, 2017, in Anambra State, after he was accused of stealing a laptop.

He was moved to Awkuzu SARS around 6:30 pm that fateful day. He recalled that immediately he was dragged to SARS office, he was frisked and his money, N15,400, which was in his pocket, was confiscated. The policemen also allegedly collected his wristwatch, necklace and phone.

He further recounted: “When the Admin officer saw me, he directed his men to go and hang me. They took me to the back of a hall and tied me with ropes. They tied my hands behind; tied my two legs and then joined the ropes in the hands and that of the legs by the back causing my chest to protrude.

Many conflicting reports have trailed the October 20 shooting incident at the Lekki tollgate where armed operatives shot at unarmed #EndSARS protesters.

Finally, CNN has finally released its findings from an independent investigation carried out on the October 20 shooting incident at the Lekki tollgate.

CNN shared footage of what appears to be soldiers shooting at the #EndSARS protesters who had gathered at the tollgate to press home their demands to end SARS as well as end police brutality.

CNN in its investigation spoke with a man, Elisha Sunday, whose brother, Victor, was killed during the October 20th shooting incident.

The media house also spoke with some of the protesters who were at the scene when the shooting occurred. They claim the soldiers indeed fired shots at them.

The media house also tracked the bullets shells seen at the Toll Gate and the companies that supplied the Nigerian Army Weapons since 2005

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