A Muslim Mother left in shock as her son impregnates 15-year-old sister in Nasarawa

A 15-year-old teenager has been impregnated by her elder brother in Keana Local Government Area, Nasarawa State.

Maria Audu was impregnated by Joseph, 17, leaving their mother, Maria Audu, in distress.

Maria Audu is a widow who lost her husband to one of the attacks by herdsmen on farmers in 2018.

Left in shock over the incest in her family, Maria Audu told newsmen: “I am distressed, that my own daughter is pregnant for my son. Their father is not alive. Some herdsmen killed him in early 2018 in Keana, I don’t know how to handle this matter. “They completed their exams and I asked them to go to the village to harvest some of our crops since I was busy with work in Lafia and I knew that very soon, herdsmen would start grazing their cattle.

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