“My Family Disowned Me Because I Married A Disabled Man” Mother of two Confessed To The Public (Details)

Most times, strange things happen in our lives and there is no way which we can explain them, and all we can do is learn to live with the strange thing that happens, no matter how terrifying they are and pray to God for solutions.

And love is something, that we humans can’t explain or describe, according to a saying that “love is blind” which is actually the truth, love is blind, because most times you see a man of 90 years getting married to a girl of 17 years.

In today’s article, we bring you the story of a virtuous woman who married a disabled man, who only craws and they are happily married with children.

In a small town in Kinyarwanda, lived a mother of 2 beautiful children, who shocked the world after she got married to the love of her life, who is disabled (he only craws).

This woman, who went against the wish of her family by marrying her husband, who is disabled, has been carrying her husband for 10 years and they had their beautiful children together

Valence, who made this known to an interviewer, said he wasn’t born disabled, that it all started, when he was 7 years old, he got sick and was in a coma, while still in the coma, he died for a couple of hours and resurrected, but when he woke up some of his body parts like his legs, stopped functioning.

Valence name means- Healthy or Strong, he is still a strong man.

Many said, it was witchcraft, while others were speechless because they haven’t seen a thing like that before, after he was taken home his mother didn’t take him to the hospital again because they have no money again, his mother would only sit and cry, watching her son suffering and there was nothing she could do about his condition.

According to Valence, his mother abounded him at home alone and went to live in a location where no one knows her, because she could not sit and watch her son die.

After some time of survival, he came to meet his mother, who was asking for him to forgive her, for abounding him to suffer all those years, although forgiving his mother was hard for him to do, but he did forgive her.

Valence’s wife, who made this known to an interviewer said that she met her husband quite a couple of years ago, when he would always pay her a visit and that it’s almost her first time to see a disabled man like that, but they started talking to each other and became good friends, and that was how they started dating.

During does times, money meant almost nothing to them, although they were poor, but the love they share is more than enough for them.

Her family members were against her for dating such a man, “that has no use to her”, as they will always say to her, and they would always ask her what she sees in such a man, they also told her that they would die of hunger if they get married to each other.

But she didn’t listen to them, she was so determined to accept anything that would happen to them as long as they are together, she said that why she married Valence was because he is a very humble person, honest, truthful, trustworthy and handsome.

No one in her family was ever happy with her decision of getting married to Valence, most of them tried to separate them in many ways, but filed, and they stopped talking to her (disowned her).

Most of her family members started talking to her again, after she gave birth to her beautiful children, because they were surprised to see that she gave birth to normal children, they thought they would be born disabled.

Valence’s wife, who said that she has spent 10 years carrying her husband and she doesn’t regret doing it and she has never felt bad for once for doing it, even for a single minute, she does not only carry him, she does bath him, wash his clothes and do other things for him.

Valence, currently does not have a job, he was once a sweet seller in the street, according to Valence, getting a wife was so difficult for him because any girl would hardly talk to him because of his disability to walk.

This amazing couple who are seeking for financial support, became known to the public after a video of them was posted online TV.

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And remember that love isn’t something you find, love is something that finds you.

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