8 Months after she became the highest paid Nigerian ‘Blue Film’ #Actress, see her recent #photos.

In this article we’re talking about Ajibola Elizabeth popularly known as Maami Igbagbo, she’s the highest paid ‘blue film’ actress in Nigeria.

Like any other person, Ajibola Elizabeth popularly known as Maami Igbagbo was born with a silver spoon. Even though at her early age, she had to shoulder the responsibilities of her family and extended family as she lost her mother to the cold hands of death at an early stage.

It was gathered that she joined the adult movie industry when her mother died and she had to find a means of survival on her own as well as take care of her siblings.

From my research her estimated Net Worth since she joined adult movies industry is $3000 (N1,000,000).

For the past 8 Months she’s the highest paid Nigerian ‘Blue Film’ actress.

Check her recent photos below;

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