If a Lady Shows You These 7 Signs,She’s trying to Tell you that she is Madly in Love with you

Sometimes when girls have feelings for someone that find it hard to express their feelings to them. This might be because they think, you are supposed to be the person to admit your love first.

But if a girl starts showing these 7 Signs she is trying to give you signal that she is madly in love with you

1. If she talks a little longer than you expected

If a girl always like to spend her time talking with you, this is a signal that she is trying to tell you that she is madly in love with you.

2. If she stares at you for a long time

If a girl is madly in love with you, she can stare at you for a very long time without removing her eyes from you.

3. She will be canceling some of her activities, just to spend time with you.

4. She will always like to send you cute and lovely messages from time to time.

5. She will always ask to help you even if the task you are doing is very small.

6. She will be playful a lot when she is around you.

7. She will at times smile, when you are talking to her even when it is not funny.

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