Lady Calls For Prayers For Those who Attended Ginimbi’s Funeral,As She Reveals Prophecy On An Impending Doom Waiting To Befall Them

South African Lady Calls For Prayers For All Attendees Of Ginimbi’s Funeral As She Reveals Prophecy On An Impending Doom Waiting To Befall Them

A South African lady by the name Nozipho Ndzukula has declared positively that all attendees of the late Ginimbi’s funeral should seek divine guidance and protection from God as they face impending doom.

According to her, the prohecy came in a dream where she saw most of the attendees dead

Read her post below:

From Lady iNozi (South Africa)

Pls pray for the Funeral Attendees

I do not know where or how to say this. My view might probably not be taken serious and others might have criticism not Judgment… Others will label me ‘attention seeker ‘ but all that matters not but what’s put upon me I will say

(in a dream I was on the road then I saw a group of people morning…… PARENTS…… THEN I STOPPED TO ASK WHY DEY WERE CRYING AND A lady wearing a church attire said

(some youth who were coming from Ginimbi ‘s funeral died) and its not 1 not 2. But more

I urge the Youth and People of Zimbabwe (who will attend th funeral to pray…. Seriously pray

The prayer is to prevent the deaths of The people I saw on my dream and for peace and safety during and after the funeral

For all persons attending the funeral both Far and Near to attend and return to their destinations safely

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