#Groundnut #Seller In #Tears After She Receives Over N2.3 Million From #SARS #Youth #Protesters In #Lekki

A groundnut seller in tears after she receives over 2.3 million naira from protesters in lekki.

Actually, Lekki is a city in Lagos State, Nigeria. It is located to the south-east of Lagos city.

The ongoing EndSARS protest actually made many people lost their vehicles and other facilities. The protest is all over the country (Nigeria).

Just recently, some protesters in Lekki toll gate reportedly raise over 2,300,000 naira for a young woman who came to sell groundnut for the protesters.

The woman can hide her tears. She broke down in tears after receiving the huge amount of money.

The people who were protesting sees how the woman is struggling to sell her groundnut at the protest ground. This makes them to raise the money for her to live a better life.

Those that donated the money includes some Nigerians celebrities.

The groundnut seller couldn’t hide her tears when she received the good news.

The pictures and video of the woman was shared on social media.

Source: a popular news page on facebook as you can see in the screenshot below.

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