#EndSARS: My #Phone Lines Have Been #Bombarded With #Curses, Says #Presidential #spokesman, Femi Adesina

Presidential spokesman, Femi Adesina says he has been insulted and abused by Nigerians since the #ENDSARS protests began in the country. 

“Those who wanted to, believed the television station,” Adesina said in a post on his website late Friday, referencing an old and manipulated video that made him seem to have labelled #EndSARS protests as “child’s play.”

“A large number chose not to and bombarded my phone lines with curses, expletives, and messages from the pit of hell. Well, if anybody chooses to belong to that nether region, it’s a matter of choice.”

–  ‘Flurry Of Hateful Calls’ – 

The presidential aide explained that he kept mum, even though, after his number was posted online by a “hateful mind”, he was bombarded with calls until his phone batteries went dead.

“Talking of bombardment of my phone lines, it had begun on Sunday. A hateful mind had published my two numbers on Twitter, urging people to troll me,” he added.

“They called till the phone batteries went dead. Mum was the word from me. “He was reviled, but responded not,” that is what the Good Book said of my master, the one I try to pattern my life after.

“So, I said not a word to any of the callers. The flurry of hateful calls was petering out on Wednesday when the doctored video was launched. All hell broke loose again.”

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