#Random #Thoughts: #Impact of a 30 years old to the #struggle :-by Mr Dodoh Okafor

  1. Stop deluding yourself- if you are more than 30, you are no longer a youth- why do you think NYSC is closed to people past the 30 year age mark? You may also wish to check the Commonwealth definition of who a youth is.

1b. Recently I was called by some persons to be part of what they called “Maduforo Youth Movement.” In addition to not sharing the same philosophy with the promoters of the group- of course I cannot be in the same group with anyone who believes remotely that Okezie Ikpeazu is doing fine as governor- I also told them that I no longer consider myself a youth. I am a man now.

  1. Conventionally- youths are people between 15-30 years. If you are outside this age bracket, you have reached the age of maturity, you should be making an impact, contributing to your generation- even on an imperfect level
  2. Do not let politicians fool you. At 32 Yakubu Gowon was leading Nigeria, Emeka Ojukwu declared and led Biafra at 33. Chancellor of Austria is 34, Prime Minister of Finland, Sanna Marin will be 35 in November… the list goes on and on.
  3. So I challenge you this morning- refuse to accept the tag handed you by your adversary. You should see yourself running more than social media errands for Muhammadu Buharis and the Okezie Ikpeazus of this world- start challenging to have a real say in the issues affecting you.
  4. Insist that you deserve to be heard, be treated right, have a decent job and live your dreams.

5b. Stop fighting for councillorship when your mates are leading their countries, stop seeing an inconsequential office in government house as the manifestation of your dreams- you deserve more- in politics, in business, in culture and what have you.

  1. Bottonline: If you are past 30. Stand up and fight for what is yours. You won’t have eternity to make an impact.

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