I Asked My Driver To Drive My Wife to Her Office, He Diverted and Took Advantage of Her [FICTION]

My name is Daniel Jacobs and I am married to my beautiful wife Cynthia. God blessed us with two children and we are living a comfortable life by God’s grace. I got a job in one of the best pharmaceutical company in the country and my job requires travelling alot, from time to time I do travel out of the country for many business meetings and purchasing of goods for the company.

Due to the fact that I do travel alot I employed sanusi a young man to always be around to drive my wife and my children to any where they want to go. I never knew that sanusi was a wolf in sheep clothing, Sanusi who was my old school classmate while in secondary school and I trusted him with all my life that he could protect I and my family.

It was one faithful day I have already bought the ticket to travel to the northern part of the country so I gave Sanusi a direct instruction to always take care of my wife and my children, I never knew Sanusi was casting an eye on my wife. I travelled that day and left the house.

Two weeks later, I called my wife to ask her about how she was faring she started lamenting to me about Sanusi, she said Sanusi wanted to take advantage of her on their way to her office, according to her Sanusi diverted into an unknown building and asked her to come down, she was perplexed and wanted to shout but Sanusi held her tightly and forced her down, he wanted to take advantage of her before a man came to her rescue.

The man pushed away Sanusi and immediately called the police, in no distance time the police arrived and he was arrested. When I heard this I was so confused and disturbed, I took the next flight back to my family house when I got home I saw my wife in tears, she was still crying from the past invent that occured I consoled her and moved immediately to the station where Sanusi was detained.

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