MAD O! P*rn Star Offers To Sleep With Will Smith As Revenge Against Jada For Cheating On Him

Over the past few days, Will Smith & wife, Jada Pinkett-Smith have been in the news following allegations that she cheated on him with singer, August Alsina. 

Finally putting the rumours to bed, Jada confessed on her ‘Red Table Talk’ that she indeed had a romantic “entanglement” with the singer. However, this was when she and Will Smith were separated. 

In the interview, Will revealed he had forgiven Jada for her transgressions. 

He has since been on the end of countless jokes with many calling him out for forgiving her. 

Now though, p*rn Star, Teanna Trump, has asked the Hollywood actor to reach out to her if he wants to retaliate at Jada Pinkett Smith for cheating on him.

Unconvinced that Will is okay with what happened, Teanna Trump has offered herself as a likely cheating partner if Will Smith ever wants to take revenge.

“‘If Will wants to get back at Jada, I’m here” she tweeted

Well, do you think Will would be taking up her offer? 

Recall that the drama began after singer, August Alsina decided to go public with his past relationship with Jada. 

Alsina alleged that Will Smith had given him permission to get into bed with his wife Jada. 

It was then thought that the Hollywood super couple, were in an open marriage. 

For those unfamiliar with the term, an open marriage allows for either spouse to carry on with sxual relationships outside the marriage. Basically, you can have sx with whoever you want even though you are married. 

The singer said he met Jada in 2015 after he was introduced to her by her son, Jaden, and the two became when he vacationed with the family in Hawaii in 2016. 

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