See the Notoriuos Thief caught in Oworo, Lagos this morning

Early this morning, around 5 am, there was a loud noise in the neighbourhood of Oworoshoki town, Abike close, Off Miyaki road, to be precise.

No one can say this is what happens? For those who are familiar with the environment, you can easily say maybe another fracas has erupted among the cults groups in the area. But there was nothing of such.

A thief, popularly called SOJ, who has been terrorising the area for a number of time was caught red-handed this morning, 30th June, 2020. 

He always comes to Abike close, to steal irons from a welder shop in the area. And aside from that, many things had been stolen in the past and effort to trace it always prove difficult. This guy, SOJ, lives within the area. He has a wife and children at home. 

When asked why he resulted to stealing, he confessed that he needed to feed his family and take good care himself. As at the time of filing this report, youths in the area were already contemplating to release him; they were all against handing him over to the Police and they would eventually release him at the end of the day and make money from his bail. 

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