Fiction: How I Was Married To A Man For 2 Years Without Knowing That He Was A Snake

I have heard of countless of stories that sound very mysterious to my ears, but I never knew that I would be sharing mine someday. I got married to the love of my life who I met in a supermarket, he was very cool. We met while we were shopping in the same section, I wanted to select from the various brands of detergents on the shelf, and he came close and pointed at one of the detergents there. He said it had a very nice scent and was nice in making clothes very clean, so I picked it up, and we started talking and that was how we met.

He asked for my number and we started talking on phone and going on dates. I didn’t really get to meet any of his family members, but he was lovely. We fell in love and started planning our wedding. I asked to meet his people but he avoided the question, because I loved him, I didn’t think much about it. To my surprise on the wedding day, he came with his parents and some of his family members, and I was so happy. We moved in together and it was fun all the way.

He bought me a car and made me feel very comfortable with him. He even went and opened for me a shop where I could sell variety of goods. However, there was something about him that I didn’t really understand.

He built a very small structure downstairs where he said he used for prayers late at night. I didn’t seem to understand why he wanted to pray in somewhere other than in the room, and when I asked him, he said he didn’t want to disturb me.

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