See Photos Of beautiful Ladies Who Mistook Indecent Dressing For Fashion.

The western civilization has made us lose our values as African; to the extent that what we call fashion today is something else. Ladies can’t differentiate between indecent dressing and fashion; they are lot of pictures posted on social media which got people asking “is this fashion”.

Being fashionable simply means following a style that is popular or trending at a particular time, it doesn’t mean dressing indecently in public. Nowadays ladies post provocative photos on social media just to be popular and gain followers.

Remember looking sexy makes you an object of sexual material for men while looking beautiful make you a prayer point for every responsible man. 1 Corinthians 6:19, “your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit, who is in you and was given to you by God so you do not belong to yourself”.

Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholders and the most beautiful women in the world today are those with good characters. Looking sexy will only get you a boyfriend while looking beautiful with good characters will get you a husband.

Looking sexy will only make a man remain with you for a short time, having good character make a man stay for a life time. Please ladies stop posting indecent pictures on social media because it speaks a lot about you. The way you dress will be the way you will be address.

See Photos:

Pictures Credit to Opera News Hub

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