Remembering The Reverend Sister That Decided To get married, Rather Than Sin Against God

We all heard about the famous story of Catholic Reverend Sister who allegedly renounce her religious profession, left the convent, and abandoned the oath of Chastity she took to get married to her dream man who was a police officer.

Many criticize her then for making such a decision but forgot to look critically at the situation. Since she has the urge to marry it was the right thing to leave the sisterhood and marry than to become a Reverend sister and commit sin against God, thereby bringing shame to the Holy Catholic Church.

Despite been heavily criticized, some saw the true intentions of the lady and applauded her for her bravery in accepting the truth about her inability to live without a man.

In the laws of the Holy Catholic Church, there are what we refer to as vows when it comes to ordaining a Reverend Sister and there are two stages to the process.

A Reverend sister can decide to opt-out from the program if she has not taken her final vows (Perpetual vows). Perpetual vows are professed for life. 

Even at that, you can still leave if need be.

In my own opinion what she did was commendable rather than to sin and incur the wrath of God, it better you be honest to yourself if you are capable of embarking on the long journey of sisterhood.

She can still serve her Creator even as a married woman and even holler. Her decision is worthy of emulation for the Reverend sister who can’t keep themselves from things of the world.

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