Reason Why Nigerian musician Davido Is Currently Using Crutches Finally Revealed

In case you don’t know yet, one of the favourite artistes of Nigerians and one of the best musicians in Africa, David Adeleke is popularly known as Davido, who recently moved to his new house on the Banana Island is currently using crutches to aid his walking and the reason for this strange occurrence has been discovered by us.

Davido has recently posted on his story a picture of his dejected self grappling his crutches as he tries to walk with it. In another picture posted by Yonda music on Instagram, the Osun State descent singer was seen being assisted by aid while he struggles to walk freely without the use of crutches.

This is actually not good news to his faithful and loyal fans all over Nigeria and in other African countries. Many of them are beginning to ask questions as to why their favourite artiste is actually facing such predicament.

If you are one of his die-hard fans who wouldn’t want even a fly to hurt him and are really curious as to know why someone who usually walks as freely as he ever wanted is now relying on the help of crutches, I can confirm to you that you’re at the right place at the right time.

Why Davido Is Currently Using Crutches

The reason for him relying on a walking aid is because he has an injury, of course, that is common knowledge and that is not the reason why you are reading this.

So what you want to know is what actually led to Davido’s home accident?

Well, the answer to that as gathered from an online source is that the veteran music artiste actually fell from the stair.

Well, This claim is according to a comment on Instagram to the post of news of his injury. The picture below confirmed what I just mentioned.

Whether the fall by Davido took place in his former house or in the new house is yet to be understood.

Many of his fans are not at all happy to hear this news and every one of them are now wishing him a quick and swift recovery.

We all wish him a quick recovery.

Davido has been a major asset for Nigeria in the music industry and nobody will want any scratch on him.

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