Actress Destiny Etiko shows off her Successful Man on Instagram again. Could This be the Man?

Nigerian Actress Destiny Etiko who just buried her dad has shared photos of her successful man again on Instagram.

If you recall, she shared a picture of this same man after her father’s death. He came to console her during the burial.

She posted the pictures below with the caption; My friendships❤. The successful man✊😍.

Tagging him, she said thanks for always putting a smile on my face😘. I appreciate you a lot🙏.

They look like a couple. They look cute together, even though Destiny has not made it known if they are dating or not.

But they have been taking a lot of pictures recently together. And Destiny is definitely showing him off to her fans given the slightest chance.

If you check her Instagram story, you will see a video of them, in which he is carrying her on his laps, while they are both laughing. Could this be the man she has been waiting for?

The love of her life?. His name is Doctor Success, you can check him on Instagram.

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