Young Lady Narrates How Her Cousin Raped Her during Their Grandma’s Burial

Young Lady Narrates How Her Cousin Raped Her during Their Grandma’s Burial

A Nigerian lady has narrated how her paternal cousin raped her when they passed the night together in the same room during her grandma’s burial in her village.

The lady identified as Muna Bey on Twitter took to the platform to recount her rape experience with her cousin whom she hadn’t seen for a long time up until they reunited on the day it happened.

Read her post below:

Since rape cases are trending, I also feel it’s time I speak out and I am not ashamed to do so, Last year I lost my mother and we went to the village to bury her.

After the burial arrangements, it wasn’t a big one though, I followed my aunt (my dad’s elder sister) to her village since we haven’t seen in a long time, we got there and I met my cousin, paternal cousin, we used to be close when we were Young until I came to Lagos and we lost contact.

I was so happy to see him, we ate and finally the day got dark and my aunt showed me where to sleep, the same room with her son, the room I slept in is a different room from where she slept. She kept my bed down and his bed beside mine. We talked for some time till I finally slept.

I slept comfortably because I believed he was family and he wouldn’t hurt me. in the middle of the night I felt someone was fingering me…I opened my eyes and I screamed, he closed my mouth and held me down in a way I couldn’t push him. I was crying and he wouldn’t stop.

He didn’t stop until he finished, I stood up and went to the door crying. He immediately came to kneel begging me that it was the devil, I shouted and he closed my mouth saying I should not shout and the door was locked, I sat down close to the door crying till morning.

My eyes were red and swollen, my aunt saw me and said I shouldn’t cry (she thought it was because of my mom’s death) I couldn’t say anything to her, I was scared she might not believe me, and I didn’t have a phone then to call my sister to tell her. I forced myself to act normal.

When I got back to Lagos, I called my elder sister to tell her about it, she was so angry that she called my aunt to report, My aunt questioned the boy and he called me on phone in her presence asking me that why am I lying against him, I was surprised, I ended the call.

My uncles started calling up and down, shouting at me, Calling me all sort of names that why didn’t I tell my aunt when it happened, that why am I bringing it up now, and mind you, I told my sister about this few weeks after it happened, the boy finally agreed.

The rest of his life in prison, but don’t make the mistake I made, don’t close your mouth, speak out, don’t protect any rapist, no matter who he or she is to you, even if they don’t believe you, it’s better you speak out before they turn tables against you.

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