I brought in the devil that took my husband’s life and rendered my children homeless

I used my hands to get what ended my husband’s life. It was a terrible mistake I would never seize to remember because it is living with me till this day. In the end of this story you would understand what I am trying to say.

I am a young widow with six kids to take care of. My husband has left us and part of it was my fault. It is definitely not because I intended to shorten his life, but because I was young, Naive and didn’t know what I was doing.

I married my late husband as a young woman with limited educational background but a great business mind. I ventured into petty trading and farming while my husband was a staff of one of the armed forces in Nigeria.

We were living very fine but my task to take care of my kids and also do my business fully was being tested and my strength was over stretched to the point I couldn’t manage both tasks. I thought of getting a house help not because it was the right thing to do, but it was almost my best option.

My first daughter charity would have helped prepare her younger ones for school and even cook for them if she was around but she was attending a boarding secondary school which made her unavailable.

All my relatives I could call at the time were either married or schooling so I was left with no choice. I found my husband always complaining about me not beating time to prepare his food and make the kids ready for school and all that because I mostly come back home from my business tired and wake up the next morning feeling all exhausted. I hardly beat time because he had to leave the house early everyday to to get to work in good time.

I resolved in getting a house help from withing the community where our Barracks was located which he agreed to and asked that I should be careful. Getting a house help here was not a regular thing because almost all women here are mostly house wives and they have all the time to do house chores. So I tried to be very careful, I didn’t get a young girl that would come and snatch my husband away which was the porpular trend, Instead I went for one who was married before with two kids but had lost her husband to the cold hands of death.

She handled washing of clothes for my kids, cooking for them, making sure there was water in the house and cleaning the house. That was it as I then had some time to do the other things.

I took her in as a sister, I provided for her kids everything they needed. It went beyond working for me, I made sure she was happy. She didn’t move into our house, she was staying with her parents who were natives of that community so there was no point bringing her in.

Mama Martha as we called her, practically became a member of my family as my kids got used to having her around and she did her job very well. She was truly hard working and I became more comfortable and less stressed. I could do alot of things and had some strength left to atleast play with my husband when I got back from my market place at night.

I never for one day suspected anything. My husband didn’t show any signs of cheating on me, even if he cheated, I mean how would I have known when I was trying to be a contributor and not just a liability. We lived very comfortable and I thought life was good until the worst happened.

It has been about 5 years after I got mama Martha to work in the house and my first two daughters were grown now and my first daughter had started her degree program in a university in thesame state where we lived. And the second girl was through with her secondary school and could take care of her younger ones now.

So I thought of sending our house help away, but I couldn’t. In my heart I thought that I could afford having her around and keep her busy and most especially provide for her and her kids. Why not just leave her so that she would get food to eat? So I thought. If I was to send her away, where would she go to? I kept these questions in my heart. And I suspended the thoughts of sending her away. She came to the house regularly but this time with few work to do as my daughters could now fetch water and wash their clothes and their father’s. She sometimes fetches water and just sit around watching movies with my kids and keep them companied before she leaves by 4pm daily. I made her leave by then because my husband returns around that time daily. You see, atleast I tried to be careful.

My husband left for work one early morning in February. We had finished our regular morning divotion and have eaten when he left for work. The children were on holidays so I didn’t stress to get them ready and mama Martha was coming twice a week during holidays so that day happened to be her day off. He left the house strong and healthy and at about 4:21 pm I got a call from one of his friends at the office saying I should go to the military hospital, my husband has been there since morning. He had a heart attack and was rushed there. I didn’t go for my business that day because I was feeling sick too so I was at home. I couldn’t wait for him to finish explaining and I just took any footwear and ran out of my house to the hospital. The condition I met my husband in, made me thought I was dreaming.

He was lying there lifeless but still alive. Although he has complained once or twice about feeling tired, weak and all that but his work doesn’t just allow you take holidays any how. It has to follow due processes and we have been working on that as he also was getting checked from time to time. I was scared because I didn’t know what I would do with my six children alone if something happened to my husband. He has been a loving and wonderful husband to me and father to his kids. We all loved him so much.

Well to cut the story short he spent just 2 days in the hospital before he gave up. When he passed on to glory, I was there facing the realities of life and trying to see what my next step would be and what I would do and then this happened.

You know when you think the worst has happened to you, only to realize what you’ve seen is only a joke compared to what you’re about to realize.

Mama Martha, yes my house help came to my house with food and drinks and her people to greet me. I thought it was a normal visit because we have done alot to her and her family. No she was mourning her husband too who happens to be my late husband. The two had been seeing each other for a long time.

My beloved husband had built a two bedroom flat for my house help and she was also feeling like she lost her husband too. The funny thing was that my kids and I didn’t have a house to go to when we are asked to vacate the one we were staying in since it was a military property. My house help was shamelessly feeling entitled to my husband’s Gratuity and other benefits that was paid later and she won’t let me be. She said they were married as he was going to spend the night most times he told me he was on night duty or extra duty somewhere out of the barracks.

I was furious, I thought of fighting her and beating her up but I was more intelligent than that. I fed her and took care of her then GOD should see that and reward me for my deeds so I thought. My kids were there and I didn’t want them to get to know immediately after their father death that this was how shameless he was when he was alive. They loved and believed in him as their hero so I tried to be calm for my children’s sake.

I don’t know what I am feeling right now, I don’t know what to do, I am stranded and my kids are my problem. The father never built them a house although we talked about it when he was alive but he always complained of the children’s school fees and all that. And we planned we would start building before he died. We don’t even have a land we could build on and now he is no more. To think he already built a house for his mistress is what baffles me most. Men are evil. But I caused it all on myself.

Women be careful with the decisions you make. Don’t be too weak and busy for your husband and home. Be wise. It’s owke for them to think you’re too inquisitive and trying to be in charge. Ask questions but respect them. I brought in the devil that ended my husband’s life and I rendered my children homeless. I won’t forget that till I die.

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