See The First Lady Of Imo State Visiting Her Husband and praying for him In Style

First lady of Imo state, paid a visit to her husband, Governor Hope Uzodinma in his Office. It was her first unscheduled visit since he assumed Office, as the Executive Governor of Imo state.

In her statement, she made it clear that the visit was particularly important, for a number of reasons. One of which is the realization that indeed, dreams come true.

She also added that; “My husband, did not only nurse this ambition of becoming the Governor of Imo State, he shared passionate reasons with me about this dream.

He has always desired an Imo where all can honestly thrive independent of social, financial or political drawbacks.

My husband, Sen. Hope Uzodimma has changed the narratives. This is the New Imo. I pray that God continues to lead and direct his leadership in Imo State.

She has indeed proven the fact that “Behind every successful man, there is a great and wonderful woman, who makes things to happen”.

Ladies should learn from this, she did not just visit her husband in style, she also prayed for him. That is what every good woman/lady should always do for their husband, to succeed in life. 

Sometimes also, give your husband a surprise visit, at work, show him you care for him, even when you see him at home always, even if the vist is brief it matters alot, it strengths the bond between husband and wife. 

Ladies please learn from this, it might look simple but your husband will definitely appreciate it.

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