See photos of police Sheriff who took off his riot gear and joined protests in America.

Defusing tensions take a great amount of patience and expertise.

A police Sheriff has been praised for the way and manner in which he handled protests, which would have turned out violent in the town of Flint.

Chris Swanson who is the police sherrif of Genesee county, met with protesters who where angry over the recent death of a black man, Floyd George in the hands of police last week.

Typically, the protesters were met by police who were fully kitted in thier riot gear, but Sheriff Swanson swung into diplomatic mode. He gave a brief speech and then decided to join the protesters.

His actions has drawn huge amount of praise, with some calling him a good leader, and an example for all police officers to emulate.

Other police officers also joined their Sheriff in solidarity with the protesters.

This is coming as the Miami police department in the state of Florida, adopted similar approach as protesters stormed a police station earlier on Saturday.

Tensions are high in the united states of America recently, as protests over the death of Floyd George in the hands of police officers, turned violent. Several major cities have imposed night time curfews in order to calm the situation.

Floyd George’s case is one among many incidents of perceived police brutality on the African American community in the United States. Experts are calling for a more community friendly policing in order to stem the rising tides.

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