Meet The 19 Years Old Yabatech Engineering Student Who Threaten To Leak Queen Salawa Abeni’s Nude

What an Effontery! A Young boy of just 19 years old blackmailed Queen Salawa Abeni by threatening to expose her nude pictures.

Queen Salawa Abeni who is known as Queen of Waka Music was threatened by the small bottle with screenshot of their conversations posted online, the queen of Waka who didn’t even reply him but later told him to do what he wants with the photos.

She took to her Instagram then to tell the tales to friend, family and fans about her situation which she explained that those Picture the small boy is threatening her with might probably be the ones she is in hospitals and some with her partners and recalled those photos are when he was younger, So he can do anything with it. She also back it up that she is 60 years old and she is even old enough to be her mother.

The boy is however caught and could face serious charge from the Queen of Waka.

The boy, Olufowoke Oladunjoye Emmanuel who is a resident of Brentfield Avenue, Peace Estate, Magboro, Ogun State  however is pleading for mercy as he said he picked the Memory Card up on the ground in Yaba Tech and after putting on his phones he saw some photos which he downloaded and saw it’s Queen Salawa Abeni nude.

Then He pick up her number from Instagram and started the blackmail but immediately he heard the news on the phone he broke the card, sim and threw the phone away!

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