HEROES: A group of Black Men have been Hailed as Heroes for Saving a White Policeman during Protest

A couple of hours ago, in the home city of the legendary boxer, Mohammed Ali, Louisville, Kentucky, Americans found an amazing love in the midst of complete chaos and unusual circumstance. It was a scene that brought many Americans to tears and made many realize what a beautiful country they would have, if only they could love one another.

Following, the death of George Floyd at the hands of four Minneapolis Police officers a couple of days ago, angry protests and riots have ravaged several cities of America. The people have become frustrated and consequently furious as they take to the streets of the United States of America to demand for Justice and end to police brutality that is constantly meted out on the African Americans.

As the angry protesters who had let loose the dogs of vandalism on several cities of the United States of America got to the city of Louisville, Kentucky, something very remarkable and unusual happened. A white Police officer who is among the deployed forces to contain the angry protesters, inadvertently found himself isolated from his team.

With the angry mob bearing down on him, the police officer was clearly in danger of being hurt or probably loose his life. However, a group of black people who realized that the police officer was facing a mortal danger, quickly formed a human – shield to protect the police officer from the angry protesters.

No doubt, this police officer will definitely be eternally grateful to these black young men for saving his life. However, their heroics have gotten the attention of many Americans who have hailed them as heroes.

Reacting to this great act of love and brotherhood, John F. Kennedy Jr. wrote on his Twitter handle:

“These men are protecting an officer that was separated from, was out numbered and in danger. This made me cry.”

Truth be told, I also cried while writing this piece. Pastor Joshua Feuerstein also wrote:

“These men are heroes. When an officer got separated from his squad… These men formed a line and refused to let rioters harm him!

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