Amazing birthday picture Of Lady Selling Corn Goes Viral On Social Media(photos)

A corn seller is currently trending on social media after she released some eye and heart captivating photos of herself doing what she does for a living in an amazing photo shoot to mark her birthday.

The lady who just added a new year to her years made a photo shoot with her wares boldly displayed. Although she’s wearing makeup and not sweating from the heat of the fire, but in all she looks stunning.

The young lady whose name is orji Nnena Mary took to the poppular social media platform to announce her birthday celebration, she also invited people to come join her for the corn. In her post, she wrote

‘Happy birthday to me

Gather here for your corn’

Below are some of the pictures she shared.

The lady is a member of the poppular match maker group on Facebook. The pictures has since generated alot of acceptance in forms of like and warm wishes for the celebrant on her big day.

Well, I’ll be going to get my corn, how about you?

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