The Real Reason Why Wife Of Derek Chauvin Wants A Divorce After George Floyd’s death.

The wife of Derek Chauvin, who was just charged with 3rd degree murder after the death of George Floyd, has filed for divorce.

Derk Chauvin Who is reported to have been a racists for a very long time and has a long time profile history of assaults on black men.

He had also killed 3 people during his time as a Minneapolis Police officer,people claimed he should have been charged with First degree murder had he had known Floyd for 17 years.

People claimed that the wife of the Ex cop filing for a divorce is Probably a strategic move to protect assets as well as family from harrassment. They own $250,000 FL townhouse. MN is not community property.

Before her husband is charged with lawsuit,she wants to probably seperate her assets from his and move on with her life,as it would explain why she decided to leave after his third murder.

Let’s see if he makes bail. She knows who her husband is. He’s a nazi racist & that can’t be hidden for 10 years.

It was also reported that Derek’s Brother in-law who was also a cop was present at the scene of the crime.

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