See Faces Of The 4 Police killer Officers Who Killed George Floyd

The identities of the four police officers involved in the murder of an African America, George Floyd, in Minnesota, on Monday, May, 25th 2020, has been revealed.

The four officers are: Derek Chauvin the Ring leader, Thomas Lane, Alexander Kueng, and Tau Thao

Derek Chauvin, a white police officer was caught on camera kneeling on the neck of the 46-year-old black American in what many people across the world have described as the worst and inhuman racial attack in modern times

The incident has sparked off protest across the United States, leaving properties destroyed, some dead and many injured.

Already, the police officer has been sacked and is being charged with a 3rd degree murder according to the state of Minnesota law.

The death of George Floyd raises many questions concerning black-white relationship and is coming in a period the United States is grappling with the harsh effects of the Coronavirus pandemic

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