Nigerian Policeman,Suspected to be on drugs Opens Fire On Colleagues,Ends Up Killing Some Of Then

There was drama early today at Onikan, Lagos State, as a policeman went out of control following an argument with some of his colleagues.

The policeman became angry as the argument went on, so he decided to open fire on his fellow Policemen.

After the accused police officer shot some of his colleagues, he took their patrol vehicle and drove straight to a compound located at Akoka, in Yaba, and attempted to gain access into the compound but couldn’t.

The building which he was trying to gain access into had a metallic door which made it difficult for him to gain access into it. At some point, the policeman became frustrated with his inability to gain access into the building, so he started shooting at the metallic door in an attempt to break-in. The policeman is believed to be attached to Federal Inland Revenue Services.

As he continued to shoot at the building he wanted to have access into, the residents of the area called the Bariga Police Division and officers were immediately sent to the scene.

The officers arrived the scene early enough and were able to disarm the policeman. The arrested policeman was busy saying things that didn’t make Complete sense.

He was shouting that some people wanted to corrupt him and that he should be allowed to go home in Jesus name. From all indications, the arrested policeman looks to be a little bit mentally unstable. Reports also have it that the shooting of his colleagues took place around 5 o’clock in the early hours of today.

The police man allegedly killed some of his colleagues in the shooting. The total number of bullet holes found on the door and ceiling of the building he was trying to gain access to was around 30.

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