Let’s be honest, Godwin Obaseki is an Ingrate and does not deserve a second term if he can turn against his mentor Adams Oshiomhole

It is so easy today for Governor Godwin Obaseki to grand stand and claim omnipotence as if he is self-made. But many of us cannot forget how his former mentor Adams Oshiomhole took him by the hand like a little child and led him through the towns, cities and villages in Edo State to market and advertise his candidacy for Governor of Edo State.

Oshiomhole leveraged on his massive goodwill as the then Governor of Edo State and charismatic leadership style to directly engage and lobby stakeholders to support Obaseki. Even when some of the people were not particularly impressed by Obaseki’s credentials he assured them that all will be well.

Oshiomhole practically put his integrity on the line and took a bullet or two for Obaseki just to see him cross the finish line. Because of Oshiomhole, the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) candidate who was a formidable foe by all means failed in his desperate bid to stop APC.

You will think that after such sacrifice from Oshiomhole, Obaseki will worship the very ground upon which Oshiomhole walks or at the least, show gratitude by being loyal to the former labour leader to the point of conceding to some of his political demands. But instead of doing that, Obaseki declared an all-out war against his benefactor, to the extent of conspiring with other Governors to disgrace him out of office as APC Chairman.

All efforts by some prominent people in the party including traditional rulers to get Obaseki to backdown proved abortive. At a point it seemed like Obaseki had accepted to make peace with his former boss. Both politicians even shook hands, embraced publicly and declared to the press that the war was over.

But as far as Obaseki was concerned, he was not going to stop until he had his wish- which was to disgrace Oshiomhole out of office as APC National Chairman. He actually came tantalizingly close to achieving his plot.

It took the 11th minute intervention of Mr. President and intense lobby from former Lagos Governor Bola Ahmed Tinubu to save Oshiomhole. Indeed, he escaped by the skin of his teeth. And having now secured his future as party chairman, Oshiomhole is determined to ensure that Obaseki does not get a new term.

Now the table has turned against the Edo Governor who has become desperate. Notable Edo politicians have seen through Obaseki’s deceit and have switch camp to Oshiomhole. They are now more determined than ever to ensure that come September Ize-Iyamu triumphs over Obaseki at the polls.  

Obaseki has been cornered politically and from all indications, he will require a miracle to get a second term. He is not even likely to make it through the primary, that is why he is fighting took and nail to twist the rule book I favour of an indirect primary.

The same Obaseki mow appears desperate and has reportedly been running helter shelter seeking for help. There are rumours that he has gone to Asiwaju’s house in Lagos begging for peace. The same peace he stubbornly rejected just a few months ago.

According to Prince John Mayaki, Director of Communication and Media, Pastor Osagie Ize-Iyamu Campaign Organisation “The chips are down and the haughtiness of the man who said his ambition is non-negotiable has mellowed. His name is Godwin Obaseki and his emissaries, led by Osarodion Ogie, was seen meandering around Bourdillion yesterday, gearing ahead for APC Governor’s visit to Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu.

“The mission is simple: to lobby, plead, and negotiate, so that favour may go in the direction of the recalcitrant Obaseki and that if this last efforts collapses, he would run on the PDP platform since he’s being awaited according to PDP leaders.

“This effort comes after Obaseki’s attempt to meet with the President became futile, revealing the great disquiet, desperation, and an atmosphere of looming failure in that camp, which now drives their attempts.

“Is it not rather ironic that a man, who went from podium to podium, channel to channel, displaying a megalomaniac attitude, declaring his 2nd term ambition sacrosanct and undebatable, is now going state to state, door to door, seeking support and assistance?”

To be honest, the only option left for Obaseki is to decamp to PDP who will be more than willing to accept him. But even that does not guarantee him a second term because public sentiment in Edo State appears to favor APC.

Like somebody said in Pidgin English “him eye don clear”. And I hope that other politicians can learn some lessons from his experience.

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